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Hire Irene

Irene is a dynamic performer, presenter, and improvisation facilitator. Formally trained in both classical (mezzo-soprano) and contemporary singing, Irene is a versatile performer with a vast repertoire of songs. She also designs and facilitates customized vocal improvisation and technique workshops, community rhythm circles, and free improvisation jams/workshops for small and large groups of instrumentalists and singers of all levels. 


Are you looking for a singer for your special occasion or concert series? With over 30 years of experience, and a vast and eclectic repertoire of songs, Irene can work with you to customize a program especially for your event.

Her repertoire includes: 

  • Opera arias

  • Classical art songs

  • Popular songs from the Golden age of musical theater

  • Classic rock and country/rock (Irene accompanies herself on guitar)

Irene can come to your event with a pianist or backing tracks. 
For sample programs and a sample song list, click here. 

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Improvisation Facilitator

Improvisation Facilitator

Everyone can learn to improvise! Improvisation is the most natural way to make music. It makes music learning accessible. Playing music in groups inspires joy, releases stress, and connects people.
I customize free improvisation workshops and jam sessions for adults and teens over 16 years old. ​

My workshops are accessible to adults of all ages, and can be designed to meet the following goals
  • Develop musicianship and ensemble skills

  • Develop creative teaching strategies

  • Combat isolation and anxiety

  • Team building

  • Promote inspired leadership

  • Community building

  • Reduce stress with a relaxing sound bath

  • Create a sound Garden by making music to meditate with

I have already given workshops in the following settings and for the following groups
  • Music faculties and music schools 

  • University and CEGEP

  • Conferences 

  • Amateur or professional choirs, choruses

  • Rock bands and singer-songwriters

  • Music educators and general educators

  • Singers and musicians of all levels

  • Corporate settings

  • Senior citizens' residences and groups

  • Community and business leadership training

I can supply instruments
  • Basic

  • Facilitator(s) and no instruments (vocal improvisation or your organization and/or players supply instruments)

  • Color and Sound - Boomwhackers, bells, and shakers

  • Drum circle with melodic percussion

  • Sound Bath or Sound Garden: specially chosen instruments including singing bowls, chimes, bells, Rav Vast hand pans, Ocean drums, table drum, shruti box, etc.

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Groups can also be mixed. Individuals from all of the above categories have simultaneously partaken at a single workshop, and have had an amazing learning experience. 
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