Students Past and Present

What a joy and privilege it has been to work with AND learn from these talented individuals!

Voice Lessons
Uniting Body, Mind and Voice

Individual voice lessons run 70 minutes, which generally allows us 60 minutes of solid vocal work.


Through structured vocal exercises you will:

  • Coordinate posture and breathing for singing

  • Free unnecessary tension

  • Expand overall vocal range

  • Develop vocal ease and flexibility

  • Acquire clear, artistic and lyric diction

  • Develop a more focused and resonant timbre

  • Learn to use your practice time efficiently

  • Develop reliable strategies for formal and/or informal performance

  • Learn how to warm up and cool down your voice

  • Develop overall musicality

  • Learn how to care for your voice in everyday life


Through listening, breathing, movement, and improvisation you will:

  • Tap into your intuition and body wisdom

  • Develop active listening and audiation

  • Get in touch with your innate musicality which enables you to get in touch with your naturally free voice

  • Eventually overcome vocal obstacles that are the embodiment of fear

  • Discover your unique creative ability and expressive potential


When preparing repertoire you will:

  • Be guided on how apply vocal techniques learned and use practice time efficiently

  • Receive tips on to how to prepare, research and memorize your music

  • Receive diction coaching (English, French, German, Italian and Latin)

Living Your Music

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