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Golden Pauses

Updated: May 13, 2021

Taking pleasure in being in the moment is what keeps me going these days. Whether I am savouring that first sip of tea, looking at a fall sunrise, or just taking a moment to be silent, to stop, take it in, listen, and breathe.

I see these moments as golden pauses amid the business of life. These moments provide so much relief - even it it's just taking a minute to stop, look out the window and take three deep breaths.

Treat yourself to a golden pause right now.

Ah, that feels better!

I hope you consider joining me for the next series of EuSing! workshops starting Saturday November 28th, or for tomorrow's "Fill Your Home With Music" session that I am co-facilitating with my dear colleagues Mary Knysh and Cliodhna Ni Aodain. I always leave these sessions of smiles and music fulfilled and energized. I think of them as my extended golden pauses that brighten my weeks!

Please stay well and take good care of yourselves and all those around you!


Check out my website for details:

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