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Bringing Music to the Community

Creating spontaneous music with others is uplifting, energizing, and inspiring. Here is an accessible way!


My improvisation workshops are accessible to everyone, from complete novice to expert musician. Using the philosophy and techniques of Music for People, I aim to create a space where every combination of people and instruments can come together and make music. 


What happens at a PlayShop?

We are given permission to drop our expectations of what we should play and return to the essence of music, silence, pulse and tone. As we do so, we enter into a state of mindful, compassionate and open listening. It is in this state that we open ourselves to experience our creative, musical and human potential. We also have a lot of fun! 


For thousands of years, community music has been a part of every single world culture. Music has a place in our lives that goes far beyond that of the entertainment industry. Come and discover what that means.

Bill of Musical Rights (David Darling) 

My workshops are accessible to adults of all ages, and can be designed to meet the following goals:

  • Combat isolation and anxiety

  • Team building

  • Promote inspired leadership

  • Community building

  • Develop musicianship and ensemble skills

  • Develop creative teaching strategies

  • Experience a relaxing sound bath

  • Create a sound Garden by making music to meditate with

Players can bring their own instruments. Workshop package(s) can also include high quality drums and percussion instruments made by Remo Drums, Rav Vast, and Rhythm Band Instruments.

Workshop packages (please inquire about pricing)

- Basic - Facilitator(s) and no instruments (vocal improvisation or your organization and/or players supply instruments)

- Color and Sound - Boomwhackers, bells, and shakers

- Drum circle with melodic percussion

- Sound Bath or Sound Garden: specially chosen instruments including singing bowls, chimes, bells, Rav Vast hand pans, Ocean drums, table drum, shruti box, etc. 

I have already given workshops in the following settings and for the following groups:

  • Music faculties and music schools 

  • University and CEGEP

  • Conferences

  • Amateur or professional choirs, choruses

  • Rock bands and singer-songwriters

  • Music educators and general educators

  • Singers and musicians of all levels

  • Corporate settings

  • Senior citizens' residences and groups

  • Community and business leadership training

Groups can also be mixed. Individuals from all of the above categories have simultaneously partaken at a single workshop, and have had an amazing learning experience. 

Recommended minimum age is 14 yrs old. 



WHEN? Friday August 6th from 3:30pm-5:30pm

(doors open at 3:00pm)

WHERE? Ashtanga Yoga Montreal.
372 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Suite #118 (premier étage, Montréal, QC H3B 1A2)

Studio is accessible by elevators and is a five-minute walk from metro Place-des-Arts.


Bring your own instruments or use ours (we will have percussion instruments on site)! 


Health and safety measures: 

Please note that for everyone's safety we ask that kindly remain masked, and that means no wind instruments and very little voice. Ashtanga Yoga Montreal also has two hospital grade HEPA filters in-studio.

Spaces are limited so please reserve in advance.


Following our session there will be time for celebration and community! Canadian Juno Award winning Blues artist Dawn Tyler Watson is performing at Upstairs Jazz Bar. Let’s get together as a community and celebrate our music and Dawn’s music. RSVP when you register by emailing Irene at (earlier the better as we can't guarantee the club will have enough space to accommodate everyone).

Choose what registration rate is best for you.