Workshop Abstracts

Love your music by living it. Recreational music making is accessible to everyone.


For thousands of years, music making has been a part of every single world culture. Music has a place in our lives that goes far beyond that of light entertainment. Come and discover what that means.


Making music in the moment allows creativity to flourish. When we choose to let go of thoughts and expectations and trust intuition, we enter into a state of mindfulness. We let go of judgement, and discover our musical and human potential.


Improvisation workshops, I prefer to call them play shops, can be designed to meet the particular goals of a group:

  • College or University students (music and non-music majors)

  • Amateur or professional choirs, choruses, musical theatre companies

  • Rock bands, singer-songwriters

  • Music educators

  • Singers and musicians of all levels

  • Corporate or sports teams

  • Music enthusiasts and recreational music makers

  • Senior citizens   

  • Children and teens

Longer descriptions are available below.


Groups can also be mixed. Individuals from all of the above categories have simultaneously partaken at a single play shop, and have had an amazing learning experience. 

Recreational Music Making For All 

EuSing! For Everyone

EuSing! For Singers

Improvisation for College and University Students

Eusing! For Choruses and Choirs

Living Your Music

* L'utilisation du genre masculin a été adoptée afin de faciliter la lecture et n'a aucune intention discriminatoire.