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EuSing! Vocal Sessions

Eusing! is an interactive online program for people who love to sing, want to sing, need to sing! Singing is an excellent way to maintain vocal, physical and emotional health. Every voice is welcome!

Vocal Self-Care

This program was born out of years of searching for, and finding my vocal freedom. Although I had been singing since childhood, I always struggled with very subtle and profound blocks. Years of formal vocal training did not fully release me from what I can describe as tiny insidious physical tensions that appeared in my throat and all over my body every time I sang. I recognized my heart, body, mind and voice were not fully integrated.

It wasn’t until I began to improvise at a Music for People workshop that I realized that these microtensions were the embodiment of my own self doubt. Being in an accepting environment where I could experiment without worrying about judgment allowed me to quiet my mind and open my ears. I felt the tensions in my body disappear and found myself on the path toward deep musical/vocal self-trust. This process has touched all aspects of my work and life, which continues to become more fulfilling as each day passes. I want to share this transformative process with you.  

This online program is offered through Zoom and features:
  • Guided vocal warm ups and improvisation in a webinar style so you can follow along at your own pace

  • Interactive vocal play - group activities

  • Breakout sessions 

  • Q&A

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To access exclusive content
Become a member, subscribe to EuSing! and start your  vocal self-care program today!

Develop a daily practice with access to  exclusive video, audio, and written content designed to help you find vocal freedom, maintain your vocal fitness, and tap into your individual expression. 

All levels of singing experience are welcome
My philosophy: if you have a voice, you can sing!

If you have a voice, you can sing!

I created the term Eusing! because it captures what I want this program to be about. Eu (Greek) means good and healthy, and phonetically Eusing! sounds like “you sing!”

Using accessible improvisation techniques inspired by Music for People, I facilitate guided vocal exploration in a mutually respectful, interactive and supportive environment. I provide technical and awareness cues to help you sing with ease.

Webinar segments are recorded and available to you with a subscription.

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