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Improvisation Workshops

Immerse yourself in free improvisation and discover the pure joy that spontaneous play can bring.  Invigorate your musical practice with open curiosity and creativity. I aim to create a space where musicians of all levels and backgrounds can come together and make music from the heart. 

Live Your Music! Yes! You Can Improvise! 

Players learn to improvise using techniques developed by Music for People. No two sessions are the same because the music that emerges is from the collective of all those present. We play at the edge of delightful chaos, but gradually fear and trepidation transforms into inspired collaboration. 

Sessions can be customized to meet your needs
  • Develop musicianship and ensemble skills

  • Develop creative teaching strategies

  • Combat isolation and anxiety

  • Team building

  • Promote inspired leadership

  • Community building

  • Reduce stress with a relaxing sound bath

  • Create a sound Garden by making music to meditate with

What happens at a Live Your Music workshop or jam session?

Prepare to be immersed in musical play and sound. I facilitate learning through doing - that is creative exploration and collaboration. I offer accessible ways in to free improvisation. 

We are given permission to drop our expectations of what we should play and return to the essence of music, silence, pulse and tone. As we do so, we enter into a state of mindful, compassionate and open listening. It is in this state that we open ourselves to experience our creative, musical and human potential. 

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  • Musical self-care: People feel more energized, light, happy, and calm. 

  • Inspired learning: Musical skills are developed through playing 

  • Team-building and community sharing: Activities encourage active listening, awareness and communication.

For thousands of years, playing music has been a part of every single world culture. Music has a place in our lives that goes far beyond that of high art and business. Like recreational sport, recreational music enhances our lives, and you can begin at any age. 

​Players can bring their own instruments. High quality drums and percussion instruments made by Remo Drums, Rav Vast, and Rhythm Band Instruments are also available for all who attend.


We connect with our “musical child” and return to a state of wonderment and open acceptance of all sounds. We also have a lot of fun! 

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