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Vocal Freedom Classes

Are you a classically trained singer who wants to sing contemporary songs?

Are you looking for opportunities to try new songs in front of others? 

Are you looking for ways to discover YOUR authentic voice?

Do you want to expand your range of vocal expression?

Contemporary Singing Group Classes

Classes are geared towards cultivating a reliable and healthy approach to contemporary singing (CCM Commercial Contemporary Music) including Rock, Pop, Folk, Classic Rock and Adult Contemporary. 


A reliable and healthy approach begins with finding YOUR natural voice. YOUR VOICE lets you channel your your authentic individual musical expression. 

Session Goals
  • Develop vocal skills and confidence

  • Find your authentic expression through Vocal Exploration and improvisation

  • Learn tools to help you prepare and practice songs

  • Broaden and deepen your listening - repertoire lists will be provided

  • SongLab - interactive singing opportunities in small groups 

Upcoming: Live 3 hour class!

Saturday 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm November 11th 2023 (Montreal QC)

This online program is offered through Zoom and features: 
  • 90 minutes classes

  • Webinar segment with guided vocal warm ups and free improvisation - you sing along in the privacy of your own home or studio

  • SongLab - improvise or sing a song of your choice! 

  • Constructive feedback and Interactive vocal work - headphones and a quality microphone are recommended

  • Listening lists and resources provided

  • Q&A 


vocal freedom class.jpeg


  • Overall postural alignment

  • Breath control

  • Vocal tone

  • Vocal range

  • Expression of lyrics 

  • Projection 

  • Belt and Belt Mix

  • Vocal maintenance strategies

  • Self trust

  • Listening

  • Musicianship


  • Vocal Expression

  • Confidence

  • Vocal Texture

  • Vocal Colours

  • Range of Vocal Styles

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