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Voice Lessons

Since 1993, I have been teaching singers of all ages and levels. My approach to teaching singing is ever evolving as I continue to develop as a performer, teacher, and student of the voice. In individual and group lessons, I combine my experience as an improviser, with my roots as a singer of popular, country, folk, and musical theatre, and 30 years of formal classical singing and training to meet the individual needs and artistic goals of each person I work with.

Unity Body, Mind & Voice

I teach adults of all ages and levels. Whether you are coming for professional development, or to enjoy the benefits of singing as a lifelong recreational activity I can help you attain one or more of the following goals

  • Prepare CEGEP, University or choral  auditions

  • Prepare for recording sessions, live shows and touring

  • Develop a sound and reliable approach to singing

  • Release muscular tension that is interfering with your singing

  • Find your full true expressive voice

  • Learn the differences between opera/classical and contemporary singing

Styles Thaught
  • Classical/Opera

  • Musical Theatre

  • Commercial Contemporary Music

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Through structured vocal exercises I aim to help you understand how your voice works
  • Coordinate postural alignment and breathing for singing

  • Free unnecessary tension

  • Expand overall vocal range

  • Develop vocal ease and flexibility

  • Develop power and endurance

  • Acquire clear, artistic and lyric diction that is stylistically appropriate

  • Develop a more focused and resonant timbre

  • Use your practice time efficiently

  • Develop reliable strategies for formal and/or informal performance

  • Learn how to warm up and cool down your voice

  • Develop overall musicality

  • Care for your voice in everyday life

When preparing music I will offer you strategies to
  • Apply vocal techniques learned to the repertoire you are singing

  • Set goals and manage practice time efficiently

  • Memorize your music

  • Prepare and research your music

  • Sing lyrically in English, French, German, Italian and Latin (classical singers)

  • Develop flexible, musical and expressive articulation (contemporary singers)

Irene Feher Singer, Voice Teacher, Music Improvisation Facilitator _ Voice Lessons
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