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Let music transform your life!

Irene Feher

Singer, Voice Teacher, Music Improvisation Facilitator, Sound Artist

Live your music as you want to live your life!

Free improvisation opens pathways to active listening, authentic expression, inspired collaboration, curiosity, learning, and mindfulness. By returning to  extreme simplicity, we make room for silence, from the silence ideas emerge, and we tap into our musical essence. As we release expectations, we begin to truly listen and appreciate the music within and around us as we nurture that love that drew us to play music in the first place. Music and sounding can bring comfort and wellbeing

Irene Feher Voice Teacher

About Irene

 I live to facilitate vocal and musical potential.

I sing and play to bring comfort and joy, and to share my love for music, people and life.


I thrive on instilling the deep inner joy and insights that singing and musical creation bring.

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Hire Irene

Known for her warm and sincere voice, Irene is a dynamic performer, presenter, and improvisation facilitator. Formally trained in both classical (mezzo-soprano) and contemporary singing, Irene is a versatile performer with a vast repertoire of songs. She also designs and facilitates customized vocal improvisation / technique workshops, sound baths, community rhythm circles, and free improvisation jams/workshops for small and large groups of instrumentalists and singers of all levels. 

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Improvisation Workshops

I facilitate free improvisation using the simplest of forms, and the music that emerges is music from the body, mind and soul collective of each group. When musicians of all levels and styles connect in delightful chaos, fear and trepidation are transformed into inspired collaboration. 

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Musical self-care: People feel more energized, happy, and calm.


Inspired learning: Educators discover new ideas for the classroom. Team-building and community sharing. 

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Voice Classes

With over 30 years of teaching and performing experience, Irene works with adults of all ages and levels. Her holistic approach combines classical and contemporary vocal techniques with somatic awareness and improvisation. Irene’s eclectic musical background enables her to teach various singing styles including classical, musical theater, and popular styles.

Upcoming Events

Check out what Irene is up to!

What people are saying

“Irene has instilled in me a deep self-trust and inspires me to love music” 

“Irene makes learning easy, enriching and fun” 

“I can be myself” 

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