My name is Irene Feher. I live to make music and to share my love of singing and music-making with others. I teach singing, coach artists, and facilitate innovative improvisation workshops and community drum circles.


Over the last 25 years I have taught singers of all ages and levels. My approach to teaching singing grows out of years of experience as a performer, teacher, and student of voice. In individual and group lessons, I combine the intuitive nature I developed as an improviser, and singer of classical, popular, country, folk, and musical theatre with 16 years of formal classical training to meet the individual needs and artistic goals of each person I work with.


My improvisation workshops and community drum circles are open to musicians and singers of all levels and styles. I believe that recreational music making, singing, drumming, and playing music with others, enriches our lives in ways that go far beyond the sense of achievement that grows out of mastery. Creating music in the moment connects us with ourselves, others, and music. These workshops are based on the philosophy and techniques developed by those at Music For People and Village Music Circles. I also use improvisation in voice lessons and vocal workshops (EuSing!). Workshops can be geared for experienced singers who wish to build the bridge that links vocal technique and individual artistic expression, or for people who have always wanted to experience the joy of singing but have never had the chance.


Improvisation has changed the way I perform: when I release expectation and step into the moment, I listen and feel more deeply both inwardly and outwardly. Music is inside and all around me asking only that I listen to receive. It travels right though me. My self disappears as the music that is connected by a thread to the music of others springs from my very core.


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