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Fill your home with music

Are you feeling isolated in your home? We invite you to play with us, to drum, to sing and to laugh. Connected online through the Zoom platform, we create music in the moment. Using techniques developed by members of Music for People, our music improvisation workshops are accessible to everyone; no previous musical experience required! Join our growing international community!

Music Creates Pathways: There is a huge hunger for meaningful connection in these times and we believe we are making a significant difference to the quality of the lives of so many people in isolation. We hope that you will join us on this musical healing journey.

Online Sessions can be customized to meet your community's needs.

As experienced facilitators, we can make your online session a memorable experience. 

Meet your music teachers

A word from Mary Knysh

“For me this experience is incredibly illuminating. In a time where social distancing is forcing us to think and act in new and innovative ways to stay in connection with one another, we are discovering more and more possibilities for continuing our beloved creative work in an ever changing world. I love seeing the smiling faces of people I know from all around the world, some joining the meeting in the wee hours of the morning, just to be connected to this stunning community of music makers.


Connecting to one another musically is more powerful than I think any of us know, and it is in times like these that we have the opportunity to recognize and experience this profoundly transformative gift that we have been given.”

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